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Ecuador Beaches to Add to Your Travel List

06 Aug 2022 By travelpulse

Ecuador Beaches to Add to Your Travel List

Ecuador, a privileged country located in the middle of the world, has much to offer visitors.

Its geography is so diverse that it offers very attractive destinations throughout the country. In addition to the extraordinary and famous Galapagos Islands, undoubtedly its most precious jewel, Ecuador has a coastal region full of fabulous beaches that offer different characteristics and that satisfy the taste of different types of travelers.

Here are four beaches that no visitor should miss when planning their trip to this wonderful South American nation.

Located three hours from Guayaquil, this place is ideal for family travel because it offers very diverse experiences, especially surfing in its big waves, diving, and places to enjoy long walks during the day, along a long beach of more than 1,500 yards in length.

This place is the favorite of more and more tourists from the United States, Europe, and Latin America, especially for the attractiveness of its beaches and the charm of the town is full of shops, bars, hotels, and outdoor restaurants that offer excellent seafood, at very affordable prices. It is highly recommended to walk the so-called "street of cocktails" reaching the beach to enjoy refreshing drinks accompanied by live music and a party.

In the evening, the streets of Montañita dance to the rhythm of reggae, and visitors buy crafts and dishes typical of its rich cuisine. The perfect time to visit Montañita is in the season from December to May, months when the sun always shines and the temperature is maintained at an average of 78° F.

With a splendid climate throughout the year, this city, located in the province of Manabi, besides being a very active commercial port in terms of tuna production, is one of the most attractive destinations to schedule during the holidays for its wide hotel offer and its excellent services.

The city of Manta has a great infrastructure with many luxury condos and seaside housing projects, Florida style, making it a very good option for those looking to buy a property and retire in this privileged place by the Pacific Ocean. In addition, Manta has a wide repertoire of international cuisine restaurants that offer abundant menus with selections of fresh seafood, meats, and, especially, extraordinary fish recipes such as the famous lemon fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, and sushi tuna, among many others.

Located within the Machalilla National Park, Playa de Los Frailes is surrounded by large mountains and does not have lodging services because it is within a protected area, however, it is possible to camp and enjoys nature in a free and ecological environment.

This beautiful beach has an extension of about two miles of clear sand. At some point, there is a path that climbs the mountain to a viewpoint that allows you to admire the beauty of the place from the heights. From June to September, you can enjoy the impressive colonies of whales that visit the site.

Fun is assured in Atacames Beach, a place that offers a wide range of activities such as surfing, boat trips, bird watching (frigates, pelicans), and humpback whales that arrive from June and October to the shores of Ecuador, but especially in Atacames.

Atacames is located in the province of Esmeraldas and is located next to the beaches of Tonsupa, Sua, and Same. Here water sports, such as surfing, are very popular thanks to the high waves that form on site and serve as fun for experts and rookies who visit this splendid site that has a maximum climate of 89° F.

Although most of the hotels in Playa Atacames are small, as well as the restaurants, their services are very developed and, the villagers, are famous for being very friendly with visitors. The extension of this beach is about 5 miles and more than 500 yards wide. Along the beach, you can find typical cabins, music, dancing, and tropical drinks service. It is worth mentioning its choice of seafood dishes such as lobster, shrimp ceviche (raw shrimp), and several fish recipes.

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